A Bevy of birds

Or is it a ‘Peck’ or a ‘Bushel’?

Regardless, you can see I have been busy as of late creating birds. Each bird is hand sculpted from borosilicate glass in the flame.

lampwork glass bird beads

I have never been a maker of  bead sets, because I have always lacked the patience to do the same bead over and over beads over and over again…

For some reason, however, I delight in making these little birds. Although it may seem repetitive, with each new bird, I am able to perfect my technique while also changing it up a bit. For example, if you watch the progression closely, you will see their colors and form evolve over time. Also, I’ve made changes: adding contrasting color beaks and contrasting heads. Often, I make the head larger and generally melt them more into the body than in when I first started. A couple of times, I have added designs on the sides, like wings or hearts. (Those were certainly scooped up quickly!)

These changes may go unoticed by all but me, but the changes are enough to keep their creation fresh, fun & exiting, which keep me in the game .

To see more of my birdies, check out my store….and feel free to leave me your comments on the progression of the birdie parade!


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