A metalwork diversion

Cuff with copper and lampwork

Copper Leather lampwork cuff

The ceramic project is still underway, in fact the pots are scheduled for their bisque firing today. But, in the meantime, I’ve had a little diversion into the area of metalwork.

This project was inspired by a play day I had with my local bead group, in which we all got together to experiment with texturing metal with a rolling mill and a ‘Big Kick’ machine.

Copper butterfly lampwork bead bracelet  Snap closure, riveted leather cuff

I created this textured piece of copper, with the imprint of a butterfly on it. From there, I decided to go ahead and turn the piece of metal into a leather cuff bracelet. I took some pics along the way to give you an idea of how it was done.

Copper textured with rolling mill

Sheet of copper with Butterfly impression from rolling mill

torch firing copper

First, I used a plumber's torch to heat the copper on a soldering block to create a patina with the flame.

Copper sheet hammered with rawhide mallet

Next, I used a rawhide mallet to hammer the copper flat.

coloring copper sheet, adding color to copper

After that, I used some Alcohol inks to add color to the copper.

Leather copper cuff

Then, it was time to choose and cut leather for the cuff.

Punching holes in copper sheet

Next, I punched holes in the corners of the copper to sheet to attach it to the leather.

Lampwork beads copper leather cuff

Here's where the important work happens, adding the lampwork beads!

Adding rivets to copper sheet

This is my handy-dandy shop helper (husband) attaching the rivets to the copper.

Copper riveted to leather cuff

The copper is now firmly attached to the leather, and all that remains is the snap closure.

Snap closure on leather cuff

Handy-dandy shop helper, again, adding the snap closure.

Leather cuff with copper and snap

And it's done!

riveted leather copper cuff

Snap-ed up are ready to wear. Nice job, shop helper!

Copper cuff leather embossed

Copper and leather cuff




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