The studio is almost done!

The studio remodel continued to trudge along this week. The good news is, it’s 90% complete! We have another light to install, a water line to run and glass to organize, but I am unpacked and my torch is back in place. This means that I am back to work….woo-hoo!
Here is the final series of construction pics…next week I’ll give you one last grande finale.

New paint on the floors, a terra cotta color.

Another view of the new floor.

Painted floor in the torch area.

Starting to unpack all my stuff (!)

Getting there...

Unpacking the torch area.


So, what did I do while the contractors worked? I made a few pieces of jewelry in an attempt to keep my etsy fresh:
Evil eye necklace

New Dragon's eye necklace on gunmetal chain.

Lampwork heart necklace

Pink lampwork glass heart pendant on antique bronze chain.

Lampwork bird pendant

New lampwork glass bird necklace.

I also wrapped up the construction of my new web site! This was my BIG project while the contractors toiled away in the basement and I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out.
I currently have it in ‘brochure mode’, although it has complete ecommerce functionality. I’m continuing to sell through my etsy store, but you can look for me to add a store to the site sometime in the near future.
.   I’d love to hear any feedback you have!
P.S. If you’re visiting here from Pinterest, I’d be honored if you followed me there!

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