Glazing process

One of the things I enjoy most about creating is the process of refining. What I mean by this is determining a systematic way of creating a product with increasing quality in a most timely and efficient manner.  Lately, I’ve been trying to refine my glazing process. Glazing can be tedious and time-consuming, so I’ve come up with a couple of alterations to my process that have simplified and improved it.

The first was to create an effective dipping process:

Dipping glaze

I’ve created a hook to use to dip my pot into the glaze container.

Pot glazing

After withdrawing the pot, I use a pint brush to remove excess glaze from the bottom.

Hanging glaze pot

I then hang it to dry.

Second, and in order for the dipping to work I tweaked my firing process:

Single stilt kiln

I found these great little single stilts at Clay King. They allow me to leave glaze on the bottom of the pot when fired in the kiln.

Kiln stilts

Here’s a kiln full of the single stilts.

Loaded kiln

And here’s a kiln full of glazed pots.

Glazed pot

And, finally, another finished pot, each one better than the last!


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