A Strange affinity

I have a confession to a strange affinity: I love moss. Maybe it stems from growing up in the high, dry desert of Colorado, but there is something about these miniature humidity loving plants that I find extremely appealing.

moss photography

Beautiful moss specimen photo shot in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Making my living  engaged in creative pursuits, it’s often my personal projects that get pushed to the back burner.  So, I began this summer with one personal project goal to accomplish.

As I am also a HUGE fan of milkglass, when I came across this project on Pinterest, it spoke to me. So, in between shuttling kids to golf, jobs, friends, pools and volunteering and while not trying to squeeze in my own time torching, blogging, listing, emailing, etc….I managed a couple of thrift store trips to gather up my milk glass planters.

If you’ve been reading my posts this summer, you may have seen one about the Mount Cutler Trail, in the Colorado Springs area. In addition to the amazing views, this hike had another appeal for me: Moss!

It was conveniently tumbling down the moss-covered hillsides onto the hiking trial, waiting to be gathered up with no residual guilt on my part. So, with the help of my youngest, we made our way down the trail, gathering as much as our arms could hold while dirt spilled down our fronts and sleeves.

Moss specimens

Gathered moss

Happily, our efforts paid off. The moss survived the weekend in the back of my husbands pickup, nestled in an old camping bowl. And the following week, I was able to assemble my project. You’ll note that while my inspiration from Pintrest was done with preserved moss, mine was done with real, live moss.

I was able to find information on this great Moss website regarding the proper care and feeding of moss. Armed with this knowledge I have gathered the scant Colorado rainwater from my yard into a spray bottle and am dutifully spaying my moss when it dries out. It seems to be greening up nicely, so I am hoping for a  pretty green bouquet in my studio come this fall.

Milkglass moss project

The finished moss project, complete with my bird bead plant stakes!

Moss pics

Moss photo, Monteverde, Costa Rica


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. laurelsusanstudio
    Jul 30, 2012 @ 12:28:22

    Great post! I too love moss and milk glass. Your little birds look great there–as they soar high above surveying the moss cover landscape 🙂


  2. onerustynail
    Aug 21, 2012 @ 22:22:38

    Another big fan of milk glass here! This is a wonderful project idea. I love the way the birdie stakes top it off as well. Great post!

    I found your blog through the WordPress Blog Team on Etsy. Following!



    • elise thomas
      Aug 22, 2012 @ 21:51:18

      Hi Maranda,
      Thanks for visiting my blog! I have moved to a new blog on my web site at elisethomasdesigns.com/blog….I’d love to have you visit me there!
      elise 🙂


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