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Bluebird ring stand  Mini lampwork bird bead  Bird bath ring dish  bird Trollbeads

My attraction to bright shiny objects began early in life as I roamed the beaches of Chicago’s north shore for bits of sea glass that I happily toted home and squirreled away. And then there was the year that I was to fly to San Francisco to visit my Geologist grandfather when I loaded up an entire suitcase with my rock collection…

As an adult, I’ve worded hard to acquire a solid foundation of skills in a variety of areas. I count Flameworked glass, Ceramics & Metal smithing as a few of my favorite pursuits.

While flameworked glass has become the focus of most of my work, the ceramic arts have remained a constant companion to me. Merging the two while taking inspiration from nature led to the creation of my current line of work.

The new line features my flameworked glass birds ornamenting my handmade ceramics. With the addition of a unique line of jewelry crafted using my handmade components, I’ve created a shop with something for everyone.

GTT Lynx torch fiired with propane and dual oxygen concentrators

elise working at GTT Lynx torch

I am currently offering my work for sale in the following galleries:

Willow of Boulder, CO
The Orange Door, of Longmont, CO
The Bead Lounge, of Longmont, CO
Willow of Littleton, CO


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